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The Spoiled Brat Stereotype – Drawing lines on Autism?

“My autistic traits were obvious! But the Spoiled Brat archetype worked against the assumption that I needed support, and instead adults believed I needed chastising or ignoring”. Read this wonderful post written by the Autistic Science Lady. It is one that would open your… Continue Reading “The Spoiled Brat Stereotype – Drawing lines on Autism?”

Does Memory Have An Effect On Personality?

The title of this post might come off as controversial to a many. Please note that the post is not exactly about me, though it is my research and consolidation of various facts on the subject. I was reading a thought-provoking article written by… Continue Reading “Does Memory Have An Effect On Personality?”

Effective Ways to Improve Communication

As humans, we have the gift of language. A gift not held by any other species. Despite this there is a known miscommunication that exists in our speech. Is it because we unconsciously speak in a way that makes sense to us? Do we… Continue Reading “Effective Ways to Improve Communication”

Understanding Languages

I hope I am not offending anyone when I say this but, we are still mostly a self-centered species. We use this acquired art and thrash it around like it is no man’s business. We often misuse it for our personal gains, and many… Continue Reading “Understanding Languages”